Company Introduction

TIANJIN LUCHENG INDUSTRIAL AND TRADING CO., LTD TEDA , founded in 1994, is the first company in China that design and produce Roller Insect Screen Window. In 2005, our company successively developed a series of sunshade products and entered the sunshade industry, forming two major brands, "LUCHENG" screen window and "COOLSPACE" awning. With the product concept of "creating a quiet and cool space", we continue to develop high-quality products that meet different markets, form 6 series of anti-mosquito products and 9 series of sunshade products. All products have passed GS, CE, Blue Angel , REACH and other certifications, exported to more than 30 countries and regions in Europe, North America, Australia, Southeast Asia, etc., with an annual export value of over 100 million. The company has also passed ISO, BSCI, WALMART and other certifications, is a high-tech and innovative enterprise certified by Tianjin city.

Technology and innovation are the driving force for our development --- each year we will spend about 5% of our turnover in product research and development. Now we have more than 50 patents and we are the first company in China to design and produce the invisible screen window without drilling and the largest Full Cassette Awning (7*4m). The R&D team is constantly developing and innovating according to different markets and customer needs. Our screens and awning products have successfully entered the supply chain of Wal-Mart, LIDL, KAUFLAND and other internationally renowned importers, have become their strategic partners for more than 10 years.

Strong research and development ability on equipment are the guarantee of our development. Lucheng Company can not only meet the development of customer’s new products, but also research, develop and upgrade the equipment in the production process, thereby reducing production costs and improving production efficiency. A series of independent innovations by the equipment R&D team not only meet the company's production needs, but also export complete sets of equipment to Australia, Spain, France and other countries to help customers efficiently and standardized production of our products.

Lucheng Company believes that safe and reasonable product design, standardized production, and strict quality control are the golden rules for good products. Safe and reasonable product design is belief that we have always adhered to. From the product design, we have reached and exceeded GS, CE and other international standards. Each of our products must pass the test of two "3"s- --The running test of 3,000 times for  awnings and 30,000 times for screen doors is the “pass” standard for the final product to be put on the market.

Standardized production requires high-precision equipment, from the CNC multi-head cutting machine, to the self-designed automatic production line of awnings, to the fully automatic CNC mesh welding and mesh cutting machines with independent intellectual property rights. These independent research and development capabilities are ours confidence to be a leading company in the industry.

Strict quality control runs through every process of production. The quality inspection team strictly controls raw materials, processing inspections, production inspections, and sampling inspections, so that every product received by customers is a high-quality product. Perseverance in quality has been the cornerstone of Lucheng's gradual progress towards glory after 25 years.

For the long-term development of the company and to be more competitive in the domestic and international markets, in 2020 we move to a new production facility in Shandong, China.  "Chiping Lucheng Building Material Technology Co., Ltd.", with a total area of 30,000 square meters and employees are nearly 300 people, forming a production capacity of 5 million sets annually. The productivity has been greatly improved.    The factories in Spain and France in Europe are new attempts by our own brands to open up overseas markets. After years of hard work, "COOLSPACE" has become a high-end customized brand recognized by local and European users; in order to better serve customers from other continents, we are in the United States, France, Spain, Southeast Asia and South Korea set up marketing and after-sales service departments to provide buyers with a full range of installation instructions and solve your after-sales troubles.

Lucheng will serve you wholeheartedly!