Luxury Full-Cassette Reractable Awning---LCC/LCCL
The luxury oval shape full cassette design can effectively protect the mechanical structure and fabric from all weather.
Wall-mounted installation, safe and beautiful.Easy to operate by both hand crank and motorized & remote control, can be matched with wind, light, rain sensor.
The LED light on arm is option, the light could be darker or lighter, in warm or white light color.
The pitch of the awning can be adjusted between 5-30 degrees after installation.
The water accumulated on the fabric is easy to drain from both sides of the front beam.
Strengthen & Heavy duty arm increase the wind resistance of the product. It can be made into super large size. The maximum size of the single body is 7m*4m, which can meet the needs of various residence and commercial use.
Wind resistance level: level 5 wind